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Discover the power of A2Pay, the digital engine designed to help informal businesses reach their full potential.

With over 30 years of experience in Cash Pay Master Services, the founders of A2Pay have crafted a platform that helps retailers manage every important aspect of their business in real time.

Our digital platform currently connects over 5600 independent retailers nationally, transacting R2 billion annually. By joining A2Pay, you can unlock the potential of digitization, finance, training, and job creation to help your business thrive. Take the first step towards success and join A2Pay today.


A2Pay is the leader in the less formal peri-urban and peripheral small businesses located in South African townships, informal settlements and rural communities. We understand the unique set of needs of these businesses, and provide the services and solutions to help them succeed.

With A2Pay, small businesses located in less developed areas can thrive. At A2Pay, we are leading the charge for small businesses located in South African townships, informal settlements, and rural communities!

Our services and solutions are tailor-made to fit the unique needs of businesses located in less formal and peripheral areas. We are dedicated to helping small businesses in these areas thrive and succeed. With A2Pay, businesses in less developed areas have the opportunity to reach their full potential.


A2Pay is dedicated to building and improving sustainable economic growth and empowering communities and SMEs. Through our cuttingedge services and technologies, we provide access to capital, operational efficiency and longterm resilience to those in need.

Our core purpose is to drive sustainable economic growth, empower communities, and help small and medium enterprises succeed. With A2Pay, financial inclusion is within reach and success is within reach. Discover the power of financial inclusion and drive your business to success with A2Pay.

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What A2Pay Foundation saw in you


Is committed to attend the store owners coaching program for the duration of the 6 weeks as well as send your operator to the training specifically designed for them.


Is invested in your business and willing to make the changes necessary to grow and expand their business.


Is willing to employ a South African youth whom we can train and teach how to add value to the business.


Is willing to change your behavior by tracking each and every business transaction so that your records are accurate.


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Our courses are designed by the professionals in the industry to provide you with high-quality content that will empower you with the skills and skills you need for success.